Jamie Cocco

Locally grown, Jamie is a hardworking, Dream Big person on a mission to help others reach their biggest goals. As a Certified Fitness Professional and Spin Instructor, he aims to bring opportunity, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and focus together to build a great experience in the community. He has a wonderful girlfriend, two amazing children, and a rock pet his older son made him that sits on his desk at home. In his spare time he coaches kid’s soccer, exercises often, leads teams of young entrepreneurs, and runs workshops on communication, leadership, and team building.

Ryan Ambuter

Ryan moved to Western Massachusetts for college, fell in love with the area, and hasn’t left since. Ryan has always loved playing and watching team sports, but struggled to stay active and fit after college. 10+ years later, Ryan found Energia and recommitted to fitness. The community and group classes have a similar feel to a sports team, challenging and motivating. After meeting many personal health and fitness goals, Ryan got certified as a spin instructor and is so excited to be part of team Energia! As an instructor, Ryan is passionate about providing empowering, energizing workouts to all bodies and all genders. When not on a bike, Ryan can often be found behind a pottery wheel or a good book.


  • Certified Spinning Instructor
  • CPR/First Aid certified

Lindsay Berry

Born in New York City, Lindsay moved to the Pioneer Valley from Seattle, WA, in 2000 with a BA in Art History and a master’s degree in acupuncture. Always an active person, Lindsay has enjoyed running, horseback riding, mountain climbing, hiking, yoga, cross-country skiing, and all kinds of fitness classes. She is also a very avid downhill skier.

She fell in love with Spinning in 2009 and has been at it ever since. She especially loves the way it improves her skiing! Lindsay is committed to making fitness a part of a busy life as a working mother of two young boys. A Licensed Acupuncturist since 1999, she believes sustainable fitness is a critical part of any holistic health goal, as well as to the maintenance of long term balance and illness prevention. And it should be fun, too!


  • Certified Spinning® Instructor

Sarah Blackmore

Sarah has always lived and worked in the Pioneer Valley, where it is easy to develop a passion for a fit and healthy lifestyle. Her lifelong interest in fitness began with gymnastics and continued through high school where she ran track. As an adult, she continued to run, but explored other fitness programs. She was introduced to spinning and it wasn’t long before she was certified and instructing. To provide a fitness experience for her clients where she can motivate people through life changes and transitions while witnessing the growth and confidence they develop is one of the things she loves about instructing.

She is continually challenging herself and has received many awards for her performance at local races. She loves to push herself in and out of the gym; and loves that moment of accomplishment in what seemed impossible only a short time ago. To Sarah, the 50/50 Community has shown her a ton of support and encouragement through her own personal growth. Sarah passes that on to her clients in her classes providing progressions so that members see their own growth and strength as well. In addition to her 50/50 Instructor role, Sarah has been a hairstylist in Northampton for the past 13 years.



  • Certified Spinning® Instructor, CPR/AED

Brittany McDonald

Brittany is a recent graduate of Mount Holyoke College, an all-women’s college in South Hadley, Massachusetts. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Conservation and a Psychology minor. Her passion for the great outdoors began when she found a passion for soccer. She started when she was 9 years old and continued until her sophomore year of college when she reluctantly had to stop due to knee problems and finally surgery. She was on the Belchertown High School girls’ varsity soccer team for all four years of her high school career, two of which she was co-captain and a four-year varsity starter. She later was recruited by Mount Holyoke College and spent a year at Springfield College where she was co-captain of the JV team.

Throughout college, she grew a passion for fitness, health, and the importance of taking care of one’s body of which she considered changing her major for. She worked for a local gym in Belchertown during her college career. After graduating and moving to Granby, she found limitless potential and excitement at Energia fitness where she will be working as an Environmental representative to raise awareness of our green energy bike generators, as well as beginning a career path in small group fitness. She has been recently certified as a Spinning instructor and will be starting to teach classes soon!


  • Certified Spinning® Instructor