Our Classes


Using a wall-mounted ballet barre, the barre class is rooted in traditional ballet and will lengthen and tone your muscles through a combination of strength and stretch.

Isolated movements target and sculpt shoulders, arms, core, butt, and thighs. Our trainers are knowledgeable and able to guide you through the exercises with proper form, so there is no prior dance experience needed. Barre is an intense full-body workout which encourages improved balance, posture, mobility and endurance, and it complements our other classes perfectly.

Bring water, because you will sweat, and as always, we will have towels available for your use. Dress as if you are attending a yoga class, and you can wear socks or go barefoot during this class.

Be prepared to feel a sense of grace, flexibility, and confidence after this workout. We’ll see you at the barre!

Raise the Barre – All Levels: This class will teach you the fundamentals of the barre method. While beginners are welcome and encouraged to check it out, this is by no means a walk in the park!
It’s creative, fun, and different — always challenging the body in unique and incredibly effective ways. Try it, and we have no doubt you will fall in love. You will learn the basic positions, movements, and postures that have been taking the fitness world by storm. This class is sure to raise the barre on any exercise routine.

Raise the Barre – Burn & Firm:  This invigorating, inspiring class will get your heart pumping and body shaking. You’ll torch calories and body fat with high-repetition sequences that zero in on the thighs, arms, core, and glutes. Working to the beat of energizing music, you’ll feel your muscles heat up like never before. It’s a feeling of empowerment that will keep you coming back, as you take back control of your body in a dynamic, revolutionary way.

Raise the Barre – Bootcamp: In this class, we take the characteristic techniques of a barre workout – mainly coordination, cardio, and muscle tone – and amp it up with full-body strength sequences and super-sets, on and off of the barre. You’ll be amazed at how much more precise and impactful regular everyday exercises can feel, with a little barre mixed in. It’s that precision and creativity that makes this workout both highly efficient and educational. Learn to get the most from your body day in and day out, regardless of time constraints or lack of equipment. This class, like all of the other barre classes, is all about you! See you at the barre!