Our Classes


Spinning® is an exciting and intense cardio workout that will increase your endurance, strengthen your body, and help you to actualize your fitness goals.

Whether you are a beginner, trained athlete, or anywhere in between, you will get a fantastic workout while challenging your body and your mind to push past their limits. And since it’s low impact, those with injuries find it to be the perfect method of exercising.

Our instructors will fit you on your bike, show you proper form and different positions, and lead you through a guided workout that can be as intense or as mild as your body needs. One of the phrases you will hear our instructors say repeatedly is, “Meet yourself where you are.” Another is, “This is your ride.” These two statements indicate that during your workout, you should challenge yourself to push past your comfort zone, while still acknowledging your own limitations, whether they are from injury to lack of familiarity.  The beauty of Spinning® is that you can ride at your own pace, feeding off the energy of others’ around you, no matter their fitness abilities.


We offer several different types of spin classes, mostly 45 minutes in length, to complement your individual fitness program. Check out the class descriptions in the weekly schedule to see which suit your needs the best. We have towels for your use at no charge and bottled water available for $1.00. We even have a shower in case you don’t have time to go home before your next appointment.

So join us on a bike, and see why people are hooked on this phenomenal workout!


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