Our Classes


Pilates teaches a unique method of body control and conditioning – stretching and strengthening the muscles, while improving flexibility and balance. Pilates aims to achieve core stability and improve posture.

Pilates is a challenging, focused workout that will reshape your body and renew the way you think about working out. This method of precise toning and stretching exercises strengthen the core as the key to improved posture, flexibility, agility, and economy of motion. You will develop long, lean muscles through slower, targeted movements centered on awareness of your body.

In our Pilates mat classes, we concentrate on strengthening core, improving balance and creating a connection between the mind and the body. We will work on poised and deliberate muscle control for better posture, a slimmer stomach, and even injury prevention. **Class Length: 60 minutes. All levels welcome.

Burn and Firm Pilates is a fun, vigorous workout with a strong focus on the core. The class incorporates the basic principles of Pilates with an emphasis on core strength, proper alignment, and breath. Using hand-held weights for an added challenge, the class is grouped into five 10-minute intervals of cardio standing Pilates and Pilates mat with weights, followed by a short cool down. **Class Length: 60 minutes. All levels welcome!