Embody-CORE Yoga - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

Embody-CORE Yoga

Whether you’re a regular yoga guru or are just starting out with the basics, 50/50 yoga classes are designed to help ground and solidify your fitness routine.

What is Embody-CORE yoga?

Build strength and stability in your core. This class is fluid and fun! It combines the principles of Embodyoga® with strength, bodyweight exercises and rhythm for a fusion of yoga and workout that will get you sweating, moving and accessing your core in fun new ways! All levels are encouraged and welcome!

When you come to a yoga class at 50/50…

      • Wear comfortable clothes that can move and stretch with you.
      • Mats and props are provided at the studio, but feel free to bring your own.
      • Inform the teacher of any injuries or limitations you may have.
      • Feel free to ask questions before, during, and after class.

    Take a deep breath! Or many of them, for that matter…

    “But I’m not flexible!”

    Are you concerned that you are too stiff or physically limited to practice yoga? Not to worry! Yoga really is for every body—regardless of age, ability, strength, flexibility, etc.  Modifications will be offered in classes to accommodate all experience levels. Meet yourself where you are, and be okay with not being perfect, or new. The goal is not to contort your body into picture-perfect poses, but to find how to make the poses work for YOU. Let go of any ideas of what you think you should look like in a pose or how flexible you think you should be. If it doesn’t feel good in your body, it’s most likely not doing you any good.

    The Power of the Breath

    We (as humans, athletes, etc.) are often really good at coordinating movements, but we don’t always consciously coordinate the breath with these movements. We’re more focused on the task at hand—be it getting to the finish line of a 5K, setting a new personal record on the bike, or keeping up with the rest of class during bootcamp. Coordinating breath with movement is what sets yoga apart from most other activities. If you’re not breathing, it’s not yoga!

    All-Levels Yoga

    We will practice yoga poses with an emphasis on alignment and linking the breath with movement. This class is appropriate for people brand new to yoga, as well as those who have been practicing for some time. Modifications will be offered throughout the class to accommodate all experience levels. Expect to build some heat in the body, stretch the muscles, and calm your mind.