Ali Shumway - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

Ali Shumway

Ali has a passion for empowering others to find their mental, emotional and physical strengths inside the studio and out. A recent graduate of the Smith College School for Social Work, Ali works to empower young people in the pioneer valley to find their resiliency and passions. Ali grew up in the pioneer valley and danced ballet with several local companies for 15 years. She fell in love with barre classes during her time in Philadelphia, where she instantly connected with the high energy, faced paced and challenging nature of the classes. She loves the positive, lively vibe at Energia that encourages members to come to class as they are, to live in the moment, and to recognize their great potential. Ali invites her students to come to the barre with a lightness and silliness that allows everyone to not take themselves too seriously, but to still work hard to “embrace the shake”. Come to class prepared to feel the burn, laugh and let go!