Ana Devlin-Gauthier - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

Ana Devlin-Gauthier

Ana began her spinning education at 50/50 with her mom during vacations. Once she moved to the Pioneer Valley in 2016, she started Spinning regularly, loving the dedicated community, the great music and the hard workouts that came with it. After finding herself creating Spin routines to songs on the radio, she decided to get certified and start teaching. Ana values variety in fitness routines, a good, hard workout, and loves when the exercise matches the music.

When she is off the bike, Ana enjoys using her fitness outside, whether it be hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or some other type of adventure with her dog, Sandy. When she is not adventuring, Ana works at Smith College, where she develops and runs leadership development programming for students (which really is an adventure in itself).


  • Spinning Instructor Certification

Ana teaches


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