Brenna Werme - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

Brenna Werme

Brenna is a Chiropractor and certified Embodyoga® teacher, and native to the Pioneer Valley who has been studying almost exclusively at Yoga Center Amherst since 2000. In 2012, she graduated from chiropractic school in Georgia, where she taught Embodyoga® for four years before moving back home. This past year, she walked through the doors of 50/50 and instantly fell in love with the community. She is so excited to be able to add to the already amazing classes offered here! Her classes are fluid and fun and integrates the importance of a healthy balanced spine and nervous system as well as an attention to the body’s fascinating anatomy and physiology. Learn how to move in a fully integrated, safe, fun way, while sparking curiosity and desire into the different body systems. After her class you’ll leave feeling more connected and full of breath, awareness, and energy. She welcomes students of all levels and ages to come play.