Chad Chaffee - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

Chad Chaffee

Chad’s classes are heart centered, compassionate, and driven to honor and respect the body and mind in its present state. As a yoga practitioner, he understands the transformative effects that coordinated breath and movement can create both on and off the mat. Through asana poses and guided breath, students both new and experienced can find a welcome space in this class. Chad is Kripalu certified, Yoga Alliance registered teacher, a trained meditation leader, and a Reiki II practitioner.

Chad has also completed the Embodyoga ™ teacher training under the tutelage of Corinne Andrews and Patty Townsend. In addition he also assists in yoga teacher trainings at Yoga Center Amherst. A graduate of the 2018 BDIC program, his degree focus is on Wellness within Arts Administration and Vocal Performance; blending his love of music and performance with his passion for yoga and wellness. He has worked with various sports programs and special events to share his knowledge. Chad also serves on the board of directors for the Amherst Ballet and performs regularly with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.