Jennifer Therkelsen - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

Jennifer Therkelsen

Jennifer Therkelsen, our newest Spin instructor, has been teaching since December 2017. She signed up for a 90’s themed barre class in January 2016 and never looked back. She grew up believing that some people are just born athletic and she wasn’t one of them. She’d force herself to exercise sometimes, but hated it and inevitably always fell off the wagon. For the first time, the instructors at 50/50 made working out fun, rewarding, and accessible. She hopes that by teaching, she can help other uncoordinated and unathletic people fall in love with exercise. You can almost always count on some 90’s-early 00’s Pop in her playlists, but she plays everything from rock to country to show tunes. When she’s not Spinning, Jennifer is the event coordinator at The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts. You can also find her competing for Pioneer Valley Jump Rope, hanging out with her dog and husband by the lake, or at brunch.