Jim Lobley

Jim Lobley

Jim brings his love of movement and passion for teaching and training to his work as a personal trainer with clients at 50/50. His work is informed by his background in dance (modern and contact improvisation), yoga, T’ai Chi and bodywork, as well as competitive rowing and science teaching (physics and chemistry). He believes that strengthening exercises should enhance mobility and freedom of movement, and focuses on fundamental movement patterns to ensure that the client is able to maximize gains from weight and resistance work while protecting the body from injury. In this regard he considers his work as much about movement education as training.


Jim enjoys working with a wide range of clients on their movement goals and challenges. He has helped stroke patients recover and increase their neuromuscular connectivity. As a corrective exercise specialist he works with persons recovering from injury and/or surgery to regain strength, balance and range of motion. He has recently been working with runners, using slow-motion video to analyze their gait and develop corrective strategies that improve their efficiency and allow them to run pain-free. As a cancer survivor, he is particularly interested in the intersection of nutrition, fitness, health and healing.


A native Hoosier and former physics and chemistry teacher, Jim landed in western MA in 2000 and has since settled in Northampton. He loves being on the water, whether sculling on the Connecticut or kayaking along the Maine coast. He also enjoys boogy-boarding, acting in community theater, and jumping on the trampoline with his 14-year old son. He’s delighted to join the 50/50 community and is enjoying getting to know all the members and staff.



Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM)

Functional Movement Systems, Level 2

Precision Nutrition, Level 1

MA in Dance/Movement Therapy