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Lisa Ritchie

Lisa’s Story

Lisa is originally from Atlanta but moved to the Pioneer Valley in 2008 and continues to wonder why anyone would ever want to live anywhere but here! (Well, except in March….)  She has been an educator and coach in some capacity for 20 years–everything from leading wilderness trips for Outward Bound, to teaching high school English, to coaching cross country and track at the college and high school level. Sports have been a part of Lisa’s life for as long as she can remember, from gymnastics and dance to running and triathlons. She discovered early on that she loved cheering for races as much as she loved participating in them, which made her realize she should become a coach!

Lisa’s Journey

Her journey to becoming a personal trainer started with a string of overuse injuries from her own training that made her change and improve the way she thinks about health and fitness. The injuries that were so frustrating at the time were actually a blessing in disguise; because of them, she has found a career that allows her to do what she loves: helping people stay fit and healthy despite the challenges and changes in their lives. She is thrilled to be a part of the 50/50 community and excited to meet you!

Train for a 5K Running Program

Lisa will be the running coach for our upcoming “Train for a 5K” program.  Here are more details on that:

Get running!

Never run before? Or maybe you haven’t run in a long time? This small group running program is for you! We will meet once a week for a running workout and workshop. Workouts will be differentiated for runners of all levels and speeds. Workshops will focus on techniques such as strength training for injury prevention, plyometrics, foam rolling, rope stretching, speed work, and positive self-talk. Runners will also receive a weekly training calendar that will take them from zero miles to running a 5k (3.1 miles).  This small group will participate in two 5k races towards the end of the program: the Happy Valley 5k on Sunday, October 20, and the Hot Chocolate Race on Sunday, December 8.



Personal Trainer (W.I.T.S)
CPR/First Aid
Master’s degree in Exercise and Sport Studies from Smith College