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Mindy Theroux

Mindy’s Story

Mindy has always been fascinated by healing and the human body. At the age of 14 she began to study yoga,and nutrition seeking answers to bring greater ease, strength and comfort to herself and others.

Mindy moved to the Pioneer Valley in 1974.
She created a BDIC program using the full resources of the Five College System to complete her degree in Humanistic Dance & Movement Education. She went on to work assisting doctors in Complimentary Medicine for 24 years.

Mindy jokes that she has “graduated” from THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS, having suffered 2 severe injuries which have lead her to respect the vast possiblities for rehabilitation and reinvigoration. She understands how much persistence, and learning can lead to unexpected results.

Mindy’s Journey with Pilates

In 2000 she began her Pilates training. Soon she was teaching in Deerfield, Pelham, and North Amherst, building a vibrant local following. Her students enjoy her detailed movement cues. Her clear instruction takes into account each person’s strengths and weaknesses. Students feel encouraged by the personalized, caring attention she gives. She brought her passion to us in 2015 and has been a huge part of our community ever since!