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Pam Fitzgerald

Kids normally lack the fear adults have with trying new things, but not this girl! Pam did not have a positive experience with fitness as a child. Shy and uncoordinated, she did not participate in any sports and dreaded gym class. She was not surrounded by adults who exercised and witnessed many not survive to ever become elderly. Determined not to follow the same path, she dismissed the ideas that ill health simply “runs in the family” or “just happens as you get older” and discovered lifestyle plays a bigger role in overall health than heredity. But what was an uncoordinated, non-competitive girl to do? She overcame her fear and started martial arts training after graduating high school. This helped develop much of the confidence that was missing as a youth. Years later, she began weight training and fell in love with the challenge, as well as the results! Now, twenty years after that first karate class, she has found endless opportunities for exercise and believes variety is the key to both getting and staying fit. Her favorites include hiking, snowshoeing, weight training, kickboxing, Tabata and Zumba (even with two left feet).


Pam is a certified personal trainer, through the American Council on Exercise (including CPR/AED), who enjoys sharing her passion for fitness with both the young and young at heart!



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  • American Council on Exercise (including CPR/AED)