Paul D'Auteuil - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

Paul D’Auteuil

Paul’s Story

I am an avid outdoorsman who has participated in sports and fitness my whole life. Working out not only helps you maintain physical fitness but more importantly to me, emotional and mental health as well. The harder I work out the better my mind and body feels. As part of my previous 34 year law enforcement career I became certified as a fitness instructor. I found it especially important, in a career with a high level of chaos and stress, to be vigilant in whole body wellness.

Paul’s Approach

As a certified instructor I am able to help others with this whole body wellness approach. 50/50 fitness embraces this model and is a community that welcomes everyone without judgement. This all inclusive approach to fitness is what attracted me to this community and now has motivated to became a 50/50 instructor.


  • Fit Force
  • TRX functional movement
  • AED/CPR/First responder certified