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Susan Brano

Susan Brano moved to the Pioneer Valley with her young family to go to UMass, where she earned a BS in Exercise Science and an MBA, and has lived here ever since. After a career in Healthcare IT where she led many teams in software development and implementation, she returned to her passion in exercise science to become a personal trainer. Being active and fit has always been a priority. Growing up, you could find her climbing trees (which she really misses), playing baseball with the boys (since there weren’t many girls playing at that time), or at dance class. As a teen, she played basketball and field hockey and was on the track team. As an adult, she returned to dance and discovered racquet ball, roller blading, spinning, Nordic skiing and driving a race car. She was a member at the Y for over 25 years, until she discovered 5050.

Susan is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm and love for being active. She is well aware of the challenges that work, family and life in general can present when trying to get fit or stay fit. Her goal is to help others realize their goals and reap the benefits, smiles and fun that await.


Certified Functional Strength Coach


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