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When weight loss seems impossible, and what it truly means

You’re overweight, you’re frustrated, and nothing seems to be working. We get it. As you might expect, we’ve seen some incredibly discouraged and emotionally drained people. We have seen the look of pure and utter disappointment as those black lines dance around the scale, taunting you, making you wait, just to reveal a number that screams failure – sending all of the previous week’s efforts spiraling down the toilet. “Sorry big guy/gal, maybe next time”. It’s like on the Biggest Loser when the contestants are forced to stand there for what seems like 30 seconds, shirtless, while everyone just stares at them, and the scale dances around playing that same sequence of beeps over and over. We all know a commercial is coming, but we still watch in anticipation. A whole show, centered around that one statistic. A whole country, centered around that one statistic: weight loss. But what are the underlying factors that contribute to weight loss and weight gain? And who gets to decide what’s most important? The answer, of course, is you (whether or not you realize it.)

Weight loss is virtually unpredictable. With the highly individualized and intricate nature of the human body, how can we even begin to set an expectation? Is an NFL quarterback right on target with every throw? Does an NBA basketball player hit every shot? Of course not. There are so many internal mechanisms that contribute to each individual outcome response that if one is just slightly off, it could alter the entire movement. What about the outside factors? The pressure, the stress… that whole psychological component that often seems forgotten? Now think about weight loss. It’s all there. So how do you manage it? And how do you even begin to attack a problem that has no clearly defined solution? It certainly isn’t easy and that’s why the point of this article isn’t to tell you what you should be doing (there are enough of those out there), but to help you think about what you are/aren’t doing. It’s possible that you aren’t in control of your own life. Maybe we can fix that. This article is about you.

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely trying to lose weight — or have tried — with or without success. So let’s start here at the beginning: for whatever reason, you decide that today is a new day, the day that you’re finally going to take your life back. We’ve all been there before. So, what is YOUR first step? Do you join a gym? Do you rope your coworkers into a new revolutionary diet that your cousin’s sister’s brother-in-law tried? Do you Google “weight loss pills”, “healthy recipes”, “personal trainers” or maybe “why can’t I lose weight?” Do you start by going for a walk? There’s definitely no shortage of information out there. And there’s no right or wrong answer — just a lot of individual difference. If you hire a trainer and don’t change your diet, how far can you get? If you eat well and exercise, but only sleep four to five hours a night, how far can you get? Are you setting yourself up for long-term success by continuously improving and taking that next step forward? Or are you jumping into something half-heartedly, reaching a plateau, and saying “well that didn’t work”? Think about it…

Consistency and accountability breed success. You have to be willing to work (and we’re not saying this lightly) on those “mechanics”, those underlying factors that will ultimately determine whether or not you succeed. No basketball player made it to the NBA without learning to dribble first. So, why not start with the fundamentals: diet and exercise?

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So let us ask you this again…are you actually in control of your life? Are you making healthy choices that are sustainable? Are diets sustainable? Weight loss pills? How about sleep deprivation? Do yourself a favor and forget about that number on the scale and focus on consistency. Start to eliminate potential reasons why you’re not losing weight by working towards consistent, healthy, choices and maintaining accountability through proper education and growth. It’s as simple as that. Learn from your mistakes, challenge yourself to make better decisions, and continue to grow as you take those next steps forward. If you try and cheat your way to the top by taking the easy way out (i.e. diets, pills, quick-fix approaches), you’ll end up right back where you started.

This article isn’t intended to provide the answers and doesn’t claim to. It is intended to evoke the questions that can ultimately lead you down the path to success. That’s what taking back control of your life is all about. One step at a time. And we can help!


The core of 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition represents balance. We’re not saying you should focus half your time on this, half your time on that, etc. The truth is, very few people have balance in their lives. Everything is so intertwined and so connected that as one area suffers, others are sure to follow suit. Your body is the biggest and most prominent example of this. So with that being said, our job isn’t to simply prescribe you a new exercise or diet plan. It becomes much more than that. 50/50 represents a chance to grow, to identify problem areas, and to obtain the tools that you need to finally find that balance in your life — for the rest of your life. Our goal here is not to search for the next quick fix, fad, or trend. In other words, we’re not looking for a cure. We’re not interested in the one solution for everyone methodology, be it machines at a gym, a work out of the day, or the latest and greatest diet.

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Forget Weight Loss, Think Well-being

A health and fitness specialist first begins to address all of these individual differences by gathering as much information as he/she possibly can. From there, he/she will determine the appropriate course of action based on your life, your schedule, and your goals, while incorporating all of the things that you love as part of an overall, big-picture program–one that’s sustainable and constantly evolving. As a result, the relationship is long-lasting and the results are long-lasting — the way it should be.

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