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7 Ways to Avoid Falling off the Healthy Eating Wagon

Whether you’ve been riding the healthy eating wagon for a week or a decade, it may always seem like a roller coaster ride- and that’s okay! It’s so easy to get side-tracked for days, weeks, even months at a time.

It’s Summer, so that means it’s barbecue season. That also means it’s bathing suit season. It’s this kind of back and forth struggle that’s enough to make someone go mad!

Keep reading to learn seven ways to protect yourself against the temptation to fall—or even jump off of your healthy eating wagon—on a daily basis.

1. Don’t Starve Yourself

Eating is a basic human need. Cut your calories in half over night or slash any specific food group out altogether for a prolonged period and you’ll land flat on your face in no time flat. When you’re eating for good health, you still need to eat. You’ll just need to go with healthy options and avoid eating more than your body needs to, to fuel itself throughout the day.

2. No Excuses

There are as many excuses to fall off the healthy kick as there are days in a year. So if you’re going to stay on board, you’re going to have to ignore the excuses and focus in on your goal: eating the right stuff. So, what do you do?

3. Stay Focused

Being mindful of your healthy eating ways is easy during the first few days. After all, you’ve spent years eating one way and now you’re changing everything up. In a week or so, however, it can be difficult to remember your desire to eat healthily and even harder to remember why you made that decision. Stay focused on your choices and why you made them by maintaining some level of accountability. Track your foods, practice portion control, step up your exercise game, etc. It’s all about building that positive momentum!

4. Get on the Right Wagon

Every person’s health goals and expectations are different. If you make drastic changes for the first time in your life and expect to shed 30 pounds in a week, you’re going to be disappointed as you yo-yo your way back to reality. Setting appropriate goals will help you stay on the wagon and help you surpass that next goal, as your wagon gets easier and easier to coast to the finish line.

5. Avoid Naysayers

Always struggled with your weight? Tried every diet plan known to man without success? Then you’re going to have a lot of folks who scoff at your desire to eat healthily. People will always judge and think/speak critically – it’s the world that we live in. Surround yourself with people who you know will love and support you, especially when times get tough. As many of you know, they certainly will and do. Once your lifestyle changes start to pay off, make sure to strut by the folks who said they’ll believe you’re serious about healthy eating when they see results and watch their jaws drop.

6. Stay Away from Triggers

One reason healthy eating is difficult for so many is that unhealthy eating tastes so good! Understanding this and understanding when you most want unhealthy food options will help you stay on the fast track. Eat everything in sight when you’re alone? Give someone a phone call when no one is around. Practice the art of self-distraction and you’ll find self-discipline.

7. Know How to Get Back On

You should aim to stay on the healthy eating wagon all day, every day. But you should also be ready when you fall off. While you can find any number of ways to get back on the wagon, the best is to just do it! Admit you goofed up, recommit yourself to healthy living, and start living the healthy life you deserve once again. Don’t wait for that next big event to prompt you to initiate change. Dig down deep, find the internal motivators and make it happen.

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