Yearly Class Pass Special - 50/50 Fitness/Nutrition

Yearly Class Pass Special! (Only 2 Left!)

Stay committed through the New Year and beyond!  We are offering exclusive access of our Yearly Unlimited Class Pass to the next 10 people who register with us.  That’s Unlimited Class through the entire year for only $99/mo! Over 20% savings and $360 off a year!

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The Benefits:

  • Special offer for Non-Members
  • Best Value (Choose if you take 2+ classes a week)
  • Yearly Accountability
  • 2 FREE Guest Passes each year
  • 10% off small group strength training
  • 10% off all other small group programs including nutrition
  • Can pause your membership for up to a full season, 3 months
  • Yearly commitment to your health and wellness
  • Special pop-up classes included!
  • Only 5 total left!
  • Cancellation fee of three months membership costs to keep you focused on being consistent.
  • ONLY $99/mo

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